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Your Display - Your Way!

Each of our shelves is hand-made in the USA through our facility in Texas! Our professional craftsmen produce beautiful works of art, and manufacturing in-house ensures the highest level of quality control.


Our Kickstarter campaign is your opportunity to acquire the Bright Shelf at a substantial discount. So don't wait, pledge today!


Multiple Hardwood Faceplates 

Beech, White Oak, Mahogany, Walnut

Bright Shelf Colors


Multiple Sizes!

12x12, 24x12, 36x12, 24x18


Adjustable LED color!

Warm White - Cool White

Bright Shelf Interior


Our shelves seamlessly allow you to connect any # of shelves and link them with the app!


Upgrade from the included 18650 battery pack for even more run time! Multiple Options

Bright Shelf Hardware


Choose from multiple anti-scuff shelf colors! Black, White, and solid hardwood!

Bright Shelf Options